Mazuri® Hedgehog Diet


Serve your hedgehog nutrition like they'd eat in the wild. Mazuri® Hedgehog Food provides the high protein, high fiber diet your hedgehog craves. Feel free to replace insects in your hedgehog's diet with this wholesome hedgehog food. Designed to support hedgehogs at any life stage. This food contains vitamin E and fatty acids to promote healthy growth and development in your hedgehog. We keep it simple with no added colors or artificial flavors, ensuring a nutritious diet for your hedgehog.

Watch your pet thrive with wholesome nutrition - Designed for hedgehogs at any stage in life
Contains a variety of animal ingredients - That are appropriate for insectivores
Support growth and development - With vitamins E and fatty acids
Serve meals that taste great - Your hedgehog won't want to waste a single pellet
No added colors or artificial flavors


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