Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • Model Number: CC-1

Simple, practical and effective patented cord lock.
Includes a clamshell design closes around the end of the cord and then twists to lock the cords together.
Provides secure, water-tight connection for extension cords outdoors.
Virtually indestructible.
Snap together design makes removing cord quick and easy.

  • Model Number: 099940

Heavy-duty metal scale. Maximum capacity of 50 kg/110 lbs. Has built-in 36" measuring tape. Low battery indicator and energy saving auto shut-off.

  • Manufacturer: Garden Zone LLC
  • Model Number: 186050

Garden Zone's 2" Hex Poultry Netting is great for pens, pest control, crafts, gardening and more! Extra line wire is woven-in horizontally at intervals along with the standard selvage at top and bottom to add greater strength when stretching.

The strong and lightweight SporTote™ Big Step mounting block has a lid that opens to a 12" deep lockable storage area. Great for storing jump cups, a hoof pick, supplies and anything else you might need at ringside. Three steps with molded tread pattern for traction. 22"H x 16"W x 25"D. 18 lbs. 

  • Manufacturer: Amrep Inc.

Refill contains enough product to work for 30 days.
Kills Mosquitoes, Houseflies, Gnats, and Flying Moths.

  • Model Number: 248164 | 93377

This long-lasting hay net is made from strong poly cord. The 18-strand design with rings ensures hay stays in place. Mildew-proof. Holds up to a quarter bale of hay. Perfect for holding hay at shows, in the trailer or at home.

  • Manufacturer: Behrens Inc
  • Model Number: 6106

Ideal for pet food, bird seed, grass seed. Durable…the strength of steel! Rodent proof, will not absorb odors, won't leach into food or seed. Offset bottom keeps can off the ground. Weather resistant.

  • Manufacturer: Behrens Inc
  • Model Number: B907P

Behrens® 7.5 gallon Black Ash Pail has a locking bail to secure the lid and keep contents from spilling. It is an ideal dry storage receptacle for fire place ash, charcoal, pet food, bird seed and trash. It is rodent proof and won't absorb odors. The can has a large handle for easy transport and a wire-reinforced rim.

  • Manufacturer: Dare Fencing Products
  • Model Number: 1247

RUB'RGATE soft pliable rubber outer case internally reinforced with semi-rigid, non-conductive vinyl inner tube. This provides a firm grip and acts as an extra layer of insulation. Generous, sensibly spaced flanges allow plenty of hand room. Large, heavy stamped steel plated safety hook. Enclosed spring stretches 3 1/2" to keep wire taut.

  • Manufacturer: Behrens Inc
  • Model Number: 6104

Ideal for pet food, bird seed, grass seed. Durable…the strength of steel. Rodent proff, won't absorb odors and recyclable! Offset bottom keeps can off ground with large handles for easy carrying.

  • Model Number: 2701600/1717900

The Ames post hole digger is used for digging post holes for decks and fencing. It can also be used to dig footings. This tool is ideal for digging precise holes for projects like fence posts and in ground supports.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather
  • Model Number: 222414/00037-NP

Weaver® leather hardware is carefully selected to provide optimum quality and durability. Nickel plated steel. Size 4.5".

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries
  • Model Number: N400-8CF

The Calf-Mate calf feeder based on our sturdy N400-8 Fortiflex bucket, modified with heavy duty parts to make a durable and handy feeder for calves. We start with heavy galvanized (#16 gauge) steel bracket, contoured to easily fit a 2" x 4" rail. 

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries
  • Model Number: MF-2 BLACK

Two independent 1 ¾" quart sized compartments designed to administer feed supplements, mineral and vitamins. Permits free choice in feeding. Flanges on both top and bottom of feeder make for a sturdy installation. Available in black.

  • Manufacturer: Rugged Ranch
  • Model Number: METALCOOP

The Universal Welded Wire Pen measures 7' X 8' X 48" and is made from 2" x 2" welded wire which makes it perfect for housing all types of animals. The welded wire top adds that extra safety measure to really protect your pets from predators. This pen comes equipped with an easily removable knock-out, back panel for the addition of our Large Dog House or Wood Hutch. It can serve as a complete home for chickens, small dogs, turtles, adult rabbits, cats and baby goats.

  • Manufacturer: Bradley Caldwell
  • Model Number: 160100

Plastic jug pump; delivers 1 oz per stroke. 38/400 adaptor fits 1 gallon Bottles. Plunger locks down for shipping and storage.

  • Manufacturer: Rugged Ranch
  • Model Number: GV3PF

The 5' Pasture Feeder is constructed completely of galvanized steel. Made with 1 5/8", 15 gauge galvanized pipe, this feeder weighs in at 207 lbs. With a 6" deep feed pan that is 32" off the ground, your feed will be safe from other barnyard animals. It has a wide base for stability and has a heavy duty construction to hold up to larger animals.

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries
  • Model Number: CF-24 24

This heavy wall large capacity corner container is what by all standards can be called a real smart choice. Multi-practical, it can be used as a corner feeder for horses, wash-up on construction sites and as a planter for flowers, vegetables and others.

  • Manufacturer: Tru-Test
  • Model Number: 828940/821927

Highly visible temporary short run fence. Tough polypropylene with stainless steel conductors. 50 m length with pre-spaced poli-stakes. UV stabilised for long life. Includes anchoring kit and warning sign.

  • Model Number: 084-1400CGN

General use vinyl-insulating tape. Has a polyvinyl chloride (Pvc) backing with pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive. It inhibits corrosion of electrical conductors. Lead free.

  • Manufacturer: Parmak
  • Model Number: HS100

Safe, effective, shock designed for animals that are sensitive to electric shock like horses, dogs and short haired animals. Approved by Leading Equestrians. Advanced solid-state circuitry Shocks through weeds & brush. Quick and easy Installation. Full 2 year warranty covers damage caused by lightning.

  • Manufacturer: Motomco

Hawk is our most palatable bait. High quality food-grade ingredients have been carefully selected to promote rodent acceptance. Made with bromadiolone, Hawk is a single-feed anticoagulant rodenticide – rats and mice can consume a lethal dose in single night of feeding. A single-feed active ingredient combined with proven palatability and rodent acceptance have made Hawk an industry standard for years. Hawk is a consistently reliable, single-feed bait choice for everyday control of recurring rodent problems.

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries
  • Model Number: HF-16

Reinforced front lip that doubles as a grip. Top lip screw holes for permanent installation. No-hardware drop 'n' use design. Fortalloy rubber-polymer blend resists cracking. UV additives for long life.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: MF6BLUE

This little feeder is great for foals and other small animals. Built-in bracket hooks over any 2-by-wide board for portable use in barn, stall, pasture, or pen. Two eyelets provided for permanent mounting with screws (not included) if desired. Made of tough, DuraFlex plastic. Measures 9.75 inch long by 11 inch wide by 5.5 inch high, holds 6 quarts (1.5 gallons). Available in several colors. Little Giant Wire Grill (Item No. MF601, sold separately) fits this feeder, for keeping larger animals out.