Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Vitakraft/Sunseed
  • Model Number: 36118

Oven-baked, natural fruit treats with a hard crunchy texture that helps with small animals' tooth conditioning. AnimaLovens® Happy Hearts with Strawberry & Banana are baked for that ideal texture your pet loves and needs to gnaw to maintain strong, healthy teeth. The combination of real fruit and whole grain ingredients make them both delicious and nutritious.

  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
  • Model Number: 100032087

Kaytee Alfalfa Cubes are tightly compressed blocks of nutritious sun-cured alfalfa that are a great fiber source for small animals or natural treat that complements any Kaytee food.

  • Manufacturer: Fluker's
  • Model Number: 22600

Fluker's Basking Spotlight Incandescent Reptile Bulb is a basking bulb to be used when you need to direct heat and light towards a specific area in the cage for basking reptiles. It helps provide the radiant heat (or infrared light) that reptiles need in order to survive and thrive. Reptiles need access to the correct environmental temperature range (ETR) to regulate their core body temperatures. ETRs vary from species to species, so take care when choosing the correct bulb. Fluker's Basking Spotlight bulbs each have a 3,500-hour life under normal usage.

  • Manufacturer: A&E Cages
  • Model Number: SS4

Replace a lost or damaged stainless steel cup for your A & E Bird Cage. Simple and easy to clean and great for water or food. 4 inches. Made in China.

  • Manufacturer: A&E Cages
  • Model Number: HB1506S BLACK

Decorative carrier to keep bird calm & safe while transporting. Entire front opens on three sides with a double zipper, mesh screen insert on front and back allows air to circulate freely as well as let your bird see its surroundings. It comes with a top carry handle and snap-on shoulder strap with shoulder pad. Interior floor covering can be removed for easy cleaning.

  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet
  • Model Number: 2025

Prevue Pet small animal tubby cage is a great basic cage for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits and other small animals. Top and front panel access doors. Snap-off mesh. Deep tub to contain bedding & debris. Powder-coated mesh. Assorted colors. 

  • Manufacturer: Pestell

All the benefits of our Boxo Comfort bedding products with added comfort in a pleasant white colour. Boxo Ultra is a softer bedding that provides a more comfortable home for your small animal. Available in 20 and 40 liter poly bales.

  • Manufacturer: JW Pet Products
  • Model Number: 31205

The Sand Perch Swing is a durable yet comfortable sand swing. The natural sand is part of the mold, not sprayed on and helps to keep nails filed smooth. This perch is also designed with varied widths to resemble a bird's natural habitat and to help prevent sore feet. Suitable size for parakeets and other similar sized birds.

  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories
  • Model Number: LF-17

The Deep Dome Lamp Fixture features an extra long reflector dome that extends beyond the face of the lamp, preventing the lamp from sticking out. It is perfect for use with Zoo Med's PowerSun® UV lamps and ReptiSun® UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamps. The highly polished aluminum inside the dome greatly increases UVB & UVA output.

  • Manufacturer: Fluker's
  • Model Number: 70001

Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Diet should be fed to juvenile or adult turtles one time per day, three to five times per week. For best results, feed only the amount of diet that the turtles will consume in one day. The diet should be scattered on the water, where it will float. The turtles will eat the floating diet for 15 to 20 minutes, and then they will bask for a period of time. The remaining diet will break up and sink to the bottom. The turtles will return later in the day and eat the remaining diet from the bottom. 4 and 8 oz.

  • Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies
  • Model Number: 03804

Safest and most comfortable harness and leash. "EZ" on and "EZ" off design using clips and velcro. High quality nylon material. Washable and colorfast. Fits big bunnies and cats too!

  • Model Number: HB1506S GREEN

Decorative carrier to keep bird calm & safe while transporting,entire front opens on three sides with a double zipper,mesh screen insert on front and back allows air to circulate freely as well as let your bird see its surroundings,it comes with a top carry handle and snap-on shoulder strap with shoulder pad,interior floor covering can be removed for easy cleaning.

  • Manufacturer: Vitakraft/Sunseed
  • Model Number: 39213

A premium quality natural dust that encourages natural grooming behavior in chinchillas and degus, cleaning their skin of excess dirt and oils.  Blue Cloud is mined sustainably in the USA and is completely natural -- no chemicals, colorants or extenders are added during processing.

  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories
  • Model Number: NT-T21

The ReptiHabitat™ Aquatic Turtle Kit is a great starter kit for new Aquatic Turtle keepers, or keeping a variety of turtle hatchlings. This kit has everything your need to get started!

  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet
  • Model Number: 1265

Prevue Pet colorful universal cups have hanger for easy attachment to any cage. Perfect for storing extra food, water or treats. Comes in their own eye-catching display box. Each cup eights 6-ounce. Available in assorted colors. Display box contains 12 piece perch cups per pack.

  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet
  • Model Number: 1149

Clip with hangers holds treats, vegetables, millet, and all sizes of cuttlebones. 

Prevue Pet Products 6" Cuttlebone is essential for all birds and promotes good beak health by keeping it trimmed. Each cuttlebone measures approximately 6" long. Includes a metal hanger. Since cuttlebone is a natural product, they vary in color and size. 1 piece.

  • Manufacturer: Kaytee

Fiesta Max™ Parrot Food is a premier blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains offering maximum variety, fun and nutrition! Nutritionally fortified gourmet food. Made in the USA. 

  • Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

Made with rust resistant wire plus stain and odor resistant plastic. Ready to assemble. Snaps together in minutes. Complete with wheel, shelf, and climbing tube.

  • Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

Animal playpen designed to be escape proof for ferrets. Provides 9 sq. ft. of space for small animals indoor/outdoor use comes with 8 (8X29) panels. Portable and easy set up. No tolls required for assembly.

  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
  • Model Number: 28029

More reptile and small animal fanciers choose Critter Cage™, thanks to bonus features in the top frame that add strength, ease access and improve safety. The top is escape-resistant mesh, framed in a strong self-aligning frame that opens and closes with a smooth slide every time. A safety catch closes with a positive snap. Extra security is added through the built-in lockable latch. Pet comfort and health is assured by a recessed hanging space for water bottles, plus wiring ports to neatly channel heater cords.

  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)
  • Model Number: NT-10

Open air aluminum screen cage! Great for small species of Old World Chameleons, Juvenile Green Iguanas and other arboreal species of lizards, such as Geckos, Anoles, and more.

  • Manufacturer: Superpet

These natural plant fibers are hand woven onto a sturdy support frame, & are safe for pets to graze & chew upon. A perfect snuggling spot for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas & pet rats. For more fun connect fun-nel tubes to the nest.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.
  • Model Number: 5EE6

A complete ration in pellet form designed especially for chinchillas in all phases of their life-cycle.