Pestell Paw Thaw® Ice Melter, 25lb


Fast-acting, pet-safe Paw Thaw works fast to break down the bond between ice and the surface below it. The non-hygroscopic formula is water soluble and odorless, so it’s less harmful to grass, trees and other vegetation. Because it doesn’t contain rock salt or calcium chloride like other melters, Paw Thaw won’t cause your pet’s paws to dry out and crack. The time-released formula stays on the surface area longer to control the freeze-thaw cycle, and there’s no sticky residue to adhere to paws, footwear, or carpets.

  • Pet Friendly; Designed to be far less irritating and harmful than other popular ice melters, biodegradable Paw Thaw is the safe choice for pet owners.
  • Fast-Acting; Paw Thaw combines the most effective deicing components available, working quickly to break the bond between ice and the surface below.
  • Environmentally Sensitive; The Non-hygroscopic formula is water soluble, odorless, less far harmful to grass, trees or other vegetation than typical deicers.
  • Non-Tracking; Paw Thaw won’t harm carpets or floors, damage footwear, or leave behind any slimy sticky residue to clean up.
  • Non-Corrosive; Paw Thaw guards against concrete corrosion by forming a protective coating on the surface. Not for use on precast or concrete less than 1 year old.
  • Non-Slip; Special ‘Dolomite’ formula provides added traction control, remaining on the surface longer to control the freeze-thaw cycle.


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