K&H Thermo-Chicken Perch


No more frozen toes! Most birds being covered in their own down blanket lose a lot of body heat through their feet. In extremely cold weather, the K&H Thermo- Chicken Perch can be invaluable. The gentle warmth provided by the perch aids in the retention of body heat. The perch warms the entire body utilizing the bird’s own circulation system. Dual internal thermostats regulate the perch to the perfect temperature, day and night. Warm perch = happy birds!

The shape and width of the Thermo-Chicken Perch are ergonomically designed specifically for chickens. Chickens prefer a non-rounded perch and an oval perch is more suited to the hens’ foot pads while roosting, making it easier to rest. The shape is designed to give proper balance and to avoid twisted keel/breast bones when roosting.

All birds should always have a variety of choices in their perching area to ensure they are comfortable and resting well.

Cord length is 5-1/2 feet and perch is available in two sizes. MET listed. One-year limited warranty.

  • Warm perch = happy birds!
  • No more frozen toes!
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Warms entire body utilizing bird's own circulation system
  • Available in two sizes
  • MET Listed


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