Shafer Seed White Millet 25lb


White Millet is the top choice for most ground-feeding birds and smaller birds that have difficulty handling larger seeds.

It is a great seed to mix with other popular wild bird seeds to make your own custom blend for your backyard pets.

White Millet contains protein, fiber, fat, vitamins & minerals, so it offers your backyard birds a balanced, nutritious meal.

Whether you use White Millet by itself or as part of a custom blend, it is a seed that's sure to keep your birds coming back to your feeder.

The favorite seed for many ground-feeding birds!

  • 100% white millet seed
  • A favorite of ground-feeding birds like Mourning Doves, Sparrows, Towhees and Juncos
  • Can be mixed with other seeds to make custom bird seed blends
  • For use in platform feeders or scattered on the ground
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


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