Shafer Seed Sunflower Hearts 25lb


Shafer Seed's Sunflower Kernels contain the number one rated food for attracting the widest variety of birds.With no shells, our Sunflower Kernels won’t leave a mess so they are great for decks, gardens and patio areas.

Birds love these Sunflower Kernels which are high in protein and especially great in the winter when birds need the extra energy to stay warm.

Shafer Seed Sunflower Kernels provide more nutrition and require less effort to eat, so birds preserve their valuable energy. It’s the lobster, without the shell!

No shells, no waste, lots of Songbirds.

  • No shells equals no mess
  • High in nutrition
  • Great for tube feeders on decks and patios
  • Rated #1 for attracting Songbirds
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


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