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Cavalor Strucomix Original

  • Manufacturer: Cavalor

Horses were originally prairie animals that used to search all day for grasses and herbs to eat. This can still be seen in their digestive system: a small stomach and a highly developed large intestine. Today horses have to manage on highly concentrated energy feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs... in fact contrary to nature. Strucomix Original is a complete maintenance feed feed that contains all the natural raw materials a horse would have freely sought itself in the past.

Cavalor Strucomix Original contains Struconcept, in which different grass and alfalfa types ensure a supply of crude cellulose, which stimulates the intestinal flora. Pro-Yeast and an extensive range of herbs, including thyme, garlic and eucalyptus have a positive effect in their turn on the digestion, immunity and breathing. Because Strucomix Original is a complete feed, no extra hay is necessary, although can still be given. Strucomix Original can also be used as a replacement for roughage, in addition to energy feed, or as a supplement to energy feed and roughage so that your horse gets all the herbs desired.